36% of all small businesses are woman-owned. Female Entrepreneurs generate $2.5 TRILLION in sales.*


Are you one of the 36%?

Do you want to be?

Female Business Owners are killing the game.

Taking control of their professional destiny and creating a life they love.

But don’t be fooled – starting a business is a lot of work.

It doesn’t have to be hard, or lonely.

There are people (like me!) to support and push you along in your journey of business ownership!

If you’re ready to start a business, but not sure where to actually start.

Download my Ultimate New Business Checklist!

This E-Book & Checklist will give you a comprehensive list of specific items you need to do to start a business!

From registering your business with your state, to logo and web design to writing a business plan!

I never wanted to be an entrepreneur.

I wanted the comfort, the security and the benefits from a 9-5. But when I discovered my true passion – helping other women build and grow their own businesses.

I found my using my strengths in organization, research, development and education proved to be valuable to creative business owners who lacked the focus and the mindset for business strategy.

Through coaching and consulting, I’ve helped new creative business owners focus in on their business, get organized and get started in a way that is efficient, self sufficient and productive without taking away from their creative flow.

Through building two businesses, I learned that being a business owner doesn’t need to be lonely, or insecure and has just as many benefits as a regular 9-5 does. Can you say working at home with your dog and in your pajamas?!

If you’re feeling ready but unsure, my E-Book is a great place to start.

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