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I am a self proclaimed control freak.

And I’m really, quite awful, at delegating. I am that person, that feels like I can always do it myself, no matter how difficult. It’s a sense of pride, a sense of accomplishment and the feeling that I know it was done exactly how I wanted and how it was supposed to be done.

But let me let you in on a little secret….

We are not superhuman. And we cannot do it all ourselves all the time.

So for us, self proclaimed control freaks, how do we relinquish the control and those feelings of satisfaction and accomplish me so we can really focus on the super important things in our business?

It’s not easy – but its doable. I’ve got 5 tips for how to give up some of your control and delegate some of the things you wish you didn’t have to do (but still do because you trust no one).

Tip #1

Hire a Pro.

The easiest way to get over your control freak ways is to hire someone who actually knows more than you do. I am no tax pro, I barely understand how to fill out the regular tax forms for my day job. But I learned a long time ago – that hiring a pro to do my taxes was well worth the extra money and the reduction of stress of trying to navigate it all myself.

If you’re nervous about relinquishing your power over to someone else – make sure they’re an expert. They will likely be able to do a much better job than you can anyways – so it makes it easier for us control freaks to accept.

Tip #2

Evaluate your least favorite tasks – and transfer them to someone else.

When starting my other business (The B Hive Apiary) with my business partner – we initially did everything ourselves, and I mean everything. We however, went through our list and took an inventory of items that we do on a day to day that we both disliked doing. Those tasks – were the first to go to our interns.  When you’re ready to start delegating – get the things you don’t like to do out of the way and pass them along to whomever you hire.  Still nervous – create guidelines, processes, instruction manuals or an approval process that your hire has to follow – so you know you’re getting what you need. We are able to review all content prior it to being posted for our interns – we provide multiple avenues for them to check in with us and we respond quickly. And we provide constructive criticism – it not only helps our interns but it also keeps us on point.

Don’t be afraid to say no or to tell your hire that what they’re doing isn’t what you want – but be constructive! Don’t just say no this isn’t right – tell them why and how they can fix it.

Tip #3

Know your limitations.

This is a really hard one. Especially for me! I know that I am 100% capable of doing ANYTHING I put my mind to. If I want to build a website – I will teach myself. If I want to build an App – I can do that too if I spend the time. However, I know that I have limitations. I only have so many hours in the day, so much money in the bank and so much time I can devote to teaching myself a new skill. I physically cannot do it all. It’s a limitation. I have to move things I know that I mentally, physically and emotionally cannot do, to someone who can.

Ask yourself what your limitations. How can you take the things that are reaching those limitations and move them to someone else? By doing so, you’ll free up mental, emotional and physical space in your life to excel in other areas.


Tip #4

Understand your ROI.

So many times we look at putting money into our business as a something that isn’t always necessary – especially when we can do the work ourselves.  But if we evaluate the ROI (Return On Investment) for somethings – it is often MORE profitable to let others take charge of certain tasks.

For example – I have zero knowledge on Facebook ads, it would take me many hours of education, lots of extra work to refine copy and content for Facebook ads and then lots of experimental ads which can cost hundreds of dollars. I could spend all that time and money experimenting on ads and produce zero results. Or I could hire someone to come up with great copy, get my ads started and set up in a way that I can just hit repeat and actually make back the money I invested plus a profit.

Not to mention, by letting someone else (who knows what they’re doing) take over something you aren’t a pro at allows you to focus on the clients you do get and develop those relationships furthering your profit.

Tip #5

Letting go is relaxing AF.

As business owners we’re in a constant state of go. With very little time to let loose and relax it can often be a point of pain of trying to find time to practice a little self care, relax and enjoy all the rewards of your hard work. But when you start delegating tasks to other people – that time that is so little and far between, becomes more abundant! Delegating lets us let go a little bit and enjoy the things we work for.

But letting go is HARD WORK too. It takes practice and awareness to be able to fully let yourself go. It’s hard for me to do that – and I have to work hard at it. When I know I have something I have a strong desire to control but am delegating I have to remind myself regularly – Let it go! I even have a piece of art on my wall outside my bathroom to remind me every day to Let it Go. My life? Has become much more relaxed and a little less stressful than ever before.

What other tips do you have for delegating tasks? Drop them in the comments! 

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