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I like to consider myself a tool experimenter. I try a bunch of different things see what works and what doesn’t – phase things in and out, swap tools and try a variety of different ways to keep myself organized. Not only as a person (I’ve got bills and a house to keep ya’ll!) but also as a business owner of three (and about to be four) businesses AND a full time job.

So how do I keep it all together? I try to utilize a few different key tools that keep my sanity, allow me to have some sort of life and still wash my laundry and do my dishes.


A Paper Planner

Oh yes, I’m a tried and true paper planner kind of girl. I actually have used the same kind of planner for the last few years, until 2018. I switched it up and not going to lie, I’ll probably go back to my old planner.

So what am I currently using? I currently use a Day Designer. I do not use the DD as it is intended to be used – I’m not a “plan my day down to the hour” kind of girl, but I like that it’s broken up into two separate lined sections. I can break down my lists for Personal/Business if needed and have breakout spots for really important things.

Previously (and likely what I”ll be switching back to for 2019) I was using a Plum Paper Planner in the List Layout. It allowed me to write really easy to see/read lists for each day.

I highly recommend finding a planner that works for you – they will not all work! You need to try a few times to really find something that works with your organizational system.

*extra tip! I’ve recently started duplicating any appointments in my planner to my google calendar – it allows me to utilize reminders for events!


Airtable is LIFE. In addition to being a big planner person – I’m also a big spreadsheet person. I’ve always used Google Sheets – it’s easy to access and I still use it for some things (I’ll probably be transitioning everything over at some point now – that’s how on board I am with Airtable) but Airtable is SO much more robust. The capabilities this platform offers makes creating spreadsheets and workflows so much easier!

Whether you’re planning content, events, social media, managing your client onboarding or pretty much anything else you can think of – Airtable is the way to go.

Use this link to sign up: (it’s FREE!)¬†SIGN UP HERE.¬†

(I will receive a monetary credit if you sign up for Airtable through this link!)


If you couldn’t already tell – I’m a list maker. I have lists on lists on lists. I like using spreadsheets because they help me make lists, I like list format planners – I carry notebooks around with me for making lists.

But Trello is a brilliant tool to help me get my thoughts and ideas out of my head and on to an easily accessible platform (i.e my phone that is glued to me).

For me, using Trello is not a place for me to stay organized (although I do like that I can create reminders in Trello for specific dates/times and assign to specific teammates). But it’s a place for me to really brain dump.

I can organize my thoughts via cards and really fill them out with every little thing I’m thinking about that idea. It helps me outline blog posts, workflows, different courses or packages. When I get something fully fleshed out, I transfer it to Airtable.


If I had to pick two things that make me not crazy – it’s Airtable and Zapier.

What is Zapier you ask? It’s a tool that connects different tools together – creating a seamless automation. Hello! Eliminating exporting and importing things! #doesitallforyou

So what do I use Zapier for?

  • Sending a Slack message when someone completes an application in Typeform.
  • Creating Calendar events based on due dates in Airtable
  • Creating Folders in Google Drive after someone completes a form/application.

I haven’t even fully built out all my “Zaps” in Zapier yet, but I”m telling you – when you don’t have to go in and manually transfer data or create folders, or constantly check in on whether or not you have applications for a particular program…it’s a life saver.

There are thousands of possible connections you can use Zapier for. It integrates with almost everything!

Google Drive

I could not live without my Google Drive. Not only do I use it to store all of my personal pieces (monthly budgets, important documents) but I also use it to distribute free content to my email subscribers!

Because it not only integrates with Airtable and Zapier and has the option to create documents, forms, spreadsheets, presentations and so much more – it’s a great tool for anyone who’s trying to get organized.

It’s easy to search, see what you’ve recently worked on, and is connected to Google Photos – so everything can be linked together.

I also love that I can share documents with other people without giving them access to my entire drive. I hardly use my hard drive on my computer now because Google Drive is so efficient.

I want to know! What tools do you use and recommend to keep yourself organized! Drop them in the comments below!

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