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The Career Changer VIP Intensive

The Career Changer VIP Intensive is for the woman seeking to make big moves, change careers or even change industries. You’re ready to stop living to work, and start working to live!

Are you….

Feeling lost in your current role?

Dread going to work every day?

Unengaged at work?

Wishing you were doing what you’ve always wanted?

Not sure how to move from your current job to your dream job?

Hating what you’re doing now, but aren’t sure what you want to do?

Confused about how your current skills translate to your dream job?

Changing jobs is hard. It can be a job in itself. But you don’t have to do it alone. You don’t always have to go back to school to start over and you can translate your current skills to new industries. With a little help, a bunch of grit, a positive attitude and a cheerleader to help you along the way – that dream job is totally attainable.

With years of experience under my belt reviewing resumes,  interviewing top notch candidates and weeding through what seems like endless job applications РI know exactly what I, as an Human Resources professional, looks for when reading a resume. But also I am someone who has spent countless of hours submitting resumes, applications and making the transition from 10 years in the service industry to working in an office with benefits and a steady paycheck Рthe challenge that is changing industries and careers is not foreign to me.

Together, we will talk about your aspirations, your dreams and what job you hope to get as you transition into a new career. We’ll discuss the realities of job hunting, how to optimize your search, translate your current resume and make your cover letter stand out.

What’s Included in the Intensive:¬†



The Career Changer Survey

Before you dive into a brand new career – let’s make sure its right. We’ll get down to the important stuff – discussing what matters to you in your job and why what you’re doing now just isn’t working. We’ll also discuss how to apply to the right jobs, getting your foot in the door. (value $150)

Cover Letter Re-Write

Creating custom cover letters for each job is essential, but creating a cover letter that is unique and only requires minor changes for each job you apply to, can save you time and still get your resume to the top of the list. We’ll re-write your cover letter to showcase who you are, and why you’re an asset to the company you hope to work for. (value $200)

Resume Re-Write

My signature method to translating your current skills to new ones. Together, we’ll review each job, and each section of your resume with a fine tooth comb. Tailoring it to transition from the job you’re in, to the career you want. (value $300)

Interview Skills Refresh

Have you been at your job for awhile and haven’t had the need to interview? We’ll brush up on all the quirky questions interviews are asking and how to respond so it gets you the job. We’ll also talk about what questions to ask, and how to prepare for the interview at your dream job. (value $200)

Job Hunting Skills

We’ll go through the various job sites to seek out the right places to apply for the job you want. How to follow up, and how to handle the rejection. Beyond that we’ll set up a tracking system for you to know what you’ve applied for, when and how they’ve responded. We’ll also determine if the potential jobs you’re applying for are a catalyst for career growth or dead in the water. (value $400)

Ready to be a VIP?

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